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This is a list of all the companies that have sponsored Countdown through the use of advertising sequences before, during or after the show.

The Times - 22/08/94 to 30/09/94

Seven Seas * - 11/01/99 to 28/04/00

Lyons Corner House Cakes ** - 18/05/00 to 14/08/00

Flora ProActiv - 31/10/00 to at least 27/04/01 (gone by 21/06/01)

Kellogg's All-Bran - 22/10/01 to 18/10/02

Specsavers Opticians - 06/02/06 to 07/02/07

Digital UK *** - 05/03/07 to 04/03/08

Ibuleve Gel - 01/05/09 to 12/05/10

Vitabiotics **** - 17/05/10 to date


* Anagram puzzles (similar to the "Teatime Teaser", but of varying word length) were set at the end of Part One, with the solution displayed before Part Two, along with the caption "Did you get it?".

** Each day's advertising was associated with a particular product, as follows: French Sandwich (Mon), Cup Cakes (Tue), Swiss Roll (Wed), Viennese Whirls (Thu), Battenberg (Fri).

*** Not technically a sponsor.

*** Several different products have been advertised so far: Wellwoman; Wellman; Jointace; Pregnacare; Osteocare; Visionace; Cardioace; Wellkid; Menopace; Immunace; and Neurozan.

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